FORM Agency

The Challenge:

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The Solution:

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Research & Insights

I combined primary and secondary research, watched trends, located pain points, and uncovered needs.

I also gathered and analyzed user feedback and translated complaints and wishes into real features.


Prototyping & Testing

Being proficient in design tools, I was able to make mockups and prototypes on my own.

Guerrilla testing was my personal favorite. I also worked with the research team to conduct more formal tests.

I held meetings to present solutions and test results to stakeholders and push projects forward..

Product Management

I aligned the product vision with company vision and goals, and managed the roadmap.

I created detailed documentations in Confluence. If anyone had any questions, I was the go-to person.

I created and prioritized tickets and managed product backlog. I worked closely with the Scrum Master.

I participated in daily standup meetings, helped to clear the blockers and tracked the progress.

I managed tracking IDs and monitored CTRs, page views, DAU, MAU, and other metrics.

  • Project Name DiscountIF
  • Date 2013
  • Category UX Design, UI Design, Marketing, Graphic Design, Business Development, Investment Funding
  • Project Link