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Designing and creating an integrated Client Dashboard for FORM Agency.


As FORM Agency's client base grew, we were running multiple stores and brands. It was important to create a reporting tool to provide clients with key information about their brands performance, sales figures and budget to name a few. A client dashboard therefore was designed and implemented to provide a portal for clients to view key sales figures, inventory levels, invoices and other key metrics. You can read a more in-depth case study about FORM Agency here.

  • Project Name FORM Agency - Client Dashboard
  • Involvement Product Designer
    Project Owner
  • Date 2016
  • Category Business Development, System Design, Product Design, Development, eCommerce.

Key Requirements

The client dashboard was originally envisioned as a portal to provide clients with access to monthly sales figures from their brands as well as an overview of currently inventory levels. However as it was developed more features were added that streamlined the agency client relationship.

     Provide monthly sales figures to clients, including a breakdown of items sold, refunds & VAT.

     Supply clients with monthly invoices for services provided.

     Enable third parties, such as accountants, access to sales data for tax purposes etc.

     Provide an inventory feed so clients are aware of current stock levels.

     Serve as an online reporting tool of sales at live events, linked to our mobile POS system.

     Sales impact in line with marketing campaigns and other general reporting.

FORM Agency Sales Reports

Monthly Sales Reports

Sales reports were provided on a monthly basis, with sales broken down by item line and sizes. Clients had requested that the cost of refunds and exchanges were included in the reports so these were presented along with a complete VAT breakdown to provide a high-level overview of sales performance. The detailed information was presented on the left hand side of the screen, with a table on the right hand side of the page acting as a navigation menu to bring up specific reports and invoices.

FORM Agency Dashboard Invoices

Monthly Invoices & Costs

Again, along with monthly sales reports, all client invoices were presented in the tree to the right hand side of the dashboard. This allowed clients to easily bring up invoices for particular months and again presented a breakdown of gross sales, VAT breakdown and associated FORM Agency costs.

FORM Agency Dashboard Invoices

Store Inventory Feed

It was important to present real-time inventory figures to clients in order to ensure that buying and finance decisions for the next quarter were as efficient as possible. An inventory feed was setup, accessed via the main menu, to allow clients to see the current stock levels of their store at any time. As stores were updated with new inventory, clients were notified via email.

FORM Agency Dashboard Invoices

Third Party Access

In order to improve working relations, it was decided to include features to provide access to third parties. One of these circumstances was the need to be able to provide reliable VAT breakdowns for tax returns etc. Client accountants were invited to join the dashboard and could download sales figures as either a PDF or Microsoft Excel document. These files were uploaded to the dashboard along with monthly sales reports.


Live Event Reporting

In 2016, FORM Agency expanded into the live events sector, attending a range of events representing clients brands utilising our Patended PopUp Shop. Using our mobile POS system we were able to upload Live Event Sales data to the dashboard in the same format as monthly sales reports. These reports also provided key insights into product performance and trends.

Read more about the PopUp Shop here.


Quarterly Sales Reports

The dashboard also assisted with Quarterly Performance Reports. These reports provided an outline of a particular brands performance on a quarterly basis, and allowed for key strategy decisions to be made in almost real-time.

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